Our Story Starts With You

The history of White Horse graphics started with people like you, the business owners and vehicle enthusiasts of northcentral Pennsylvania. Each person shared the same feeling: an excitement for what lied ahead and the desire to be seen and noticed. For some, being seen meant turning heads as they took their cool car or truck for a joy ride. For others, it meant the opportunity to promote their brand on the vehicles and storefront(s) they owned. And lastly, for our everyday heroes in Fire Protection, Police, and EMS vehicles, it meant instant recognition that help had arrived. No matter the application, the desire to be noticed was paramount. The problem was, that singular desire brought more questions than answers.

How do I create a design that is going to look professional?
Which material is the best for my vehicle and storefront surfaces?
How can I be sure that this graphic or sign installation will last?

It was at this point that White Horse Graphics was born. With decades of experience in turnkey service for graphics and signage, founder Stacy Charles created her own company. Stacy wanted to be able to specifically address each of the problems that people like you had when the need to be noticed was recognized. 

Company History

White Horse Graphics Today

White Horse Graphics was established in 2015 on the foundation of providing the highest quality designs, graphic materials and installation to our clients in northcentral Pennsylvania. Founder and Owner Stacy Charles has over 20 years in the sign and vehicle graphics industry. Her attention to detail, honed over decades spent working with corporate clients across many industries, delivers exceptional results to customers in commercial, industrial, and personal applications.

Graphic designer Brynna Tressler is a professional graphic designer with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Millersville University. Her contemporary perspective and unique approach to creative designs has pushed White Horse Graphics to drive new ideas for existing and new customers alike.

From Humble Beginnings

White Horse Graphics was a dream many years in the making for Bryan and Stacy Charles. With his business management skills, matched with her design ability and years of experience in the sign/vehicle graphics industry, it would be only a matter of time.

The inspiration behind the name came from a graduation present from Stacy’s mother and father, a beautiful Arabian gelding named Bon Sur. In 2015, Stacy was two years into helping her father through brain cancer treatments. Those treatments included many family trips from northcentral Pennsylvania to Philadelphia. On one of these trips, she announced to her parents that the graphic design business was officially a go.

At that moment, her dad Floyd got the biggest grin on his face and White Horse Graphics rolled right off his tongue. Though the disease had started to rob his ability to speak, the name was crystal clear to Stacy. She said to him with tears in her eyes “In memory of Sur?” and he shook his head yes.

After a long, hard fought battle of 2 years and 8 months, Stacy’s Dad passed away on August 26, 2016. Although he couldn’t do anything but sit in a wheel chair or his recliner, he stayed strong, positive and loved to laugh. He felt blessed and felt that every day he was here to spend with his family as a gift. We love and miss you every day Dad. Please watch over us as we continue on this great adventure.

Our Graphic Experts

Stacy Charles

Founder and Owner

Brynna Tressler

Graphic Designer