Cleaning and Caring for a Vinyl Banner

Maximize the life of your vinyl banners and signage with storage, installation, and cleaning tips.

Proper Vinyl Banner Cleaning

Clean all vinyl banners with a clean sponge, mild soap and water. Do not scrub or use harsh abrasive chemicals that could damage the printing. The banner should be completely dry before re-hanging or prepared for storage.

To Hang a Vinyl Banner

When hanging a banner choose placement carefully, to ensure long life expectancy. Make sure the area is not exposed to constant moisture, dampness, or sun exposure. If the area is too damp or moist, the banner is likely to mildew and blemish. Constant sun exposure will deteriorate the banner and fade the print/vinyl lettering applied to the face at an accelerated rate. Half-moons can be cut into the banner to allow air to pass through the banner in high wind areas.

Once the placement area is chosen, ensure that the area is thoroughly cleaned and free of any contaminants, such as grease or soot. These contaminants can transfer to the opposite side of the banner. Contaminants can cause the vinyl to lose its attractiveness and shorten the longevity of the banner.

Preparing signage for proper cleaning

Important Aspects of Installing Vinyl Banners

Do not over-stretch the banner. This causes material strain, shortening the life and flexibility of the banner when exposed to windy conditions. Over time, the material strain becomes apparent as the banner begins to look tattered, ragged, and faded.

To lessen the chance of banner strain use bungee cords or similar devices to fasten the banner. This will provide elasticity, strength, and extended longevity.

To Store a Vinyl Banner

Always clean your banner before storage and ensure it is completely dry. If the banner is not completely dry it can begin to mildew while in storage. See the above section for cleaning instructions. After cleaning, printed banners should be rolled onto a 3” diameter tube, with the lettering out, and placed in a plastic bag.

Banners with vinyl lettering or laminate should be stored flat for longer life expectancy. This is not always possible, so the banner can be stored on the 3” tube as mentioned above. This may cause the vinyl or laminate to begin to tunnel away from the banner over time. This is normal and cannot be completely avoided.

Banners should be stored in a dry, cool place and temperature-controlled if possible. Extreme temperature swings will lead to serious damage to the banner as expansion and contraction of the material occurs. While in storage, make sure the banner does not come in contact with solvents, such as alcohol, acetone, gasoline, and paint thinners. These are extremely harmful to banners and may cause irreparable damage.


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